"Parcells: A Football Life"

No book about an NFL coach can claim to be authoritative without the previous contributions of authors and journalists. Considering the scope of this project, I mined 56 books: Michael MacCambridge’s America’s Game and David Harris’s The League offered the most breadth on NFL history. Parcells’s multiple first-person books laid a foundation for his life through 1999. Bill Gutman’s Parcells painted the most comprehensive portrayal of Bill up until his Jets tenure, although being an unauthorized biography, it lacked his voice. Jerry Izenberg’s No Medals For Trying revealed the inner-workings of Parcells’s Giants during a one-week period in November, 1989. And Gerald Ezkenazi’s Gang Green gave an informative take on Jets history, including the Parcells era. Two books were indispensable in helping explain the complicated relationship between Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells: David Halberstam’s Education of a Coach and Michael Holley’s Patriot Reign, which also delved into Big Bill’s divorce from New England’s owner Robert Kraft. In this Parcells bibliography, the titles of the 12 books I found the most useful are embedded with links to their Amazon pages.


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